School Supply List 2022-2023

The Provincial Government have provided schools supplies for every student in grades Kindergarten - Grade 9 for the 2022-2023. Each school has been given $50 per student for school supplies. 

Parents need to provide a lunch bag, a kitbag and indoor sneakers.



Cardigan Consolidated School offers parents to pay $40.00 per child for School Supplies each year. We do encourage each student to pay the fee. This gives the teacher the opportunity to get the supplies needed for each student and the entire classroom. It is an easy and cost effective way for students to have what they need to for a successful school year.

If you decide not to participate in this you can go on to the Public Schools Branch. Staples usually have school supply lists for all schools at their store in Charlottetown or click the links below to view PDFs of Cardigan's school supply lists for the upcoming year:

Grade 1 Supply List
Grade 2 Supply List
Grade 3 Supply List
Grade 4 Supply List
Grade 5 Supply List
Grade 6 Supply List